Domestic Systemic Pandemic


-Konstnärer mot patriarkalt våld

21-28 NOV 2020 at Detroit Stockholm

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Domestic Systemic Pandemic är en grupputställning med lokala och internationella konstnärer mot patriarkalt våld. Livestreamad vernissage, onlineutställning och dagliga installationer i gallerifönstret hos Detroit Gallery i Stockholm.

Utställningen är arrangerad av Amnesty Latinamerika, La Dekoloniala! och Galleri Majkens. I samarbete med Detroit Stockholm, PeaceWorks Stockholm, Schools for the Future och Latinamerikagrupperna.


Denna sida är utställningens huvudsida som kommer fyllas med bilder på konstnärernas verk, videolänkar och vi agerar även som en infocentral med övriga länkar som skickar er vidare till våra samarbetspartners sidor och deras sociala medier som rör utställningen.

Exhibition programme/Utställningsprogram

Window exhibitions/fönsterutställningar, video streams, artist talks and other happenings


Vernissage: Live-streamed 'Pater Familias' Rossana Mercado-Rojas performative installation (paint on printed documents) with Spoken Word by Princess Jiminez Beltre, filmed by Patricia Wallin/Amnesty 


Performance by Sarai Alvarez-Yo La Negra wearing 'Velo Social' by Steph Orozco. Streamed by La Dekoloniala



Window exhibition kl 12-17: 'My Body is Not For Sale'

Amina Zoubir, collage on paper, mixed media 


Window exhibition kl 12-16: 'Domesticated'

Magdalena Blom, drawing, fur and obedience training

Film: 'Maria in No Man's Land' 2011, Documentary, 1h 26m, Marcela Zamora Chamorro -Streamed, zoom-talk afterwards


Window exhibition kl 12-17: 'Ta kontrollen'

Mojgan Hassani, ceramic installation and Art Lottery

Film kl 17: 'Konsten att döda en politiker'

Åsa Faringer and Ulf Hultberg. Streamed in Amnesty's fb-page.

Zoom-talk afterwards (Spanish w Swedish subtitles)


Window exhibition, kl 12-17: 'Lump' by Irina Laaja, textile 

Angélica Cháves Cáceres video piece 'Power ignores that water boils' projected in the gallery space. Viewable from outside, also viewable online.

New work added to the exhibition: posters by Hysterix and Insurgentes. Musicalized Poem in audio by Marita Rodríguez (Las Insurgentes)



Window exhibition, kl 12-17: 'Den Ursprungliga Abya Yala' by Sarai Alvarez - Yo La Negra, wet-and needle felting

'Jus Sanguinis' and 'Madre Patria' video by Daniela Ortiz, will be projected in the gallery space. Viewable from outside, and online.


'Pato Negro' video by Paloma madrid will be projected in the gallery space, viewable from outside.

'Cama Re-Adaptation' video performance by Liz K. Penuela will be projected in the gallery space. Viewable from outside, also viewable online.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We proudly present Domestic Systemic Pandemic, an exhibition connected to the 25th of November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

The exhibition gathers eighteen local and international artists, in collaboration with different organisations to approach violence towards women as a systemic phenomena. A phenomena where many actors participate: a partner, a family member, society as a whole and state institutions. Through spoken word, performance, installation, video, painting, collage and textile, all works relate in various ways to the effects of violence. Some works are biographically based on personal experience of domestic abuse, and some relates to historical events behind the day #25N, highlighting the story of the Mirabal Sisters. Others’ concern widely protested femicides, like the Lucia Perez murder for instance, a tragic event which instigated the Latin American protest and movement “Ni Una Mas, Ni Una Menos” meaning “Not one more (death), not one (woman) less”. 

Domestic Systemic Pandemic wishes to raise awareness, to provide opportunities for the audience to reflect on the different contexts where gendered violence is inflicted against women as a group. We would also like to foster discussion of our current (pandemic) times of covid-19 restrictions and lock-downs, where domestic violence towards women has grown enormously, both globally and here in Sweden. Due to these state regulations limiting the movement of its citizens the victim is being forced to spend more time with her abuser. 

Due to the covid-restrictions, this event will mainly be hosted online. The performance taking place on the vernissage will be live-streamed from Detroit Stockholm Gallery, accompanied by spoken word streamed from another location. 

A selection of works are scheduled to be shown online, and on display in Detroit´s gallery window, viewable from the outside so both passers-by and online-visitors get a “safe” access to this domestic-systemic-pandemic exhibition.

Special Thanks to Detroit Stockholm and all collaborating organisations:




-Konstnärer mot patriarkalt våld

DETROIT GALLERY  | 21-28 Nov 2020


Check out our past live-streams

and on site-screenings

28 Nov, Film screening:

'Black duck/Pato negro' by Paloma Madrid was screened in the gallery space and viewable online for the finissage day only


28 Nov, Film screening:

'Cama Re-adaption' by Liz K. Penuela was screened on site during the finissage night, also viewable online


27 Nov, Film Screening:

'Jus Sanguinis' and 'Madre Patria' videos by Daniela Ortiz screened on site and viewable online


26 Nov, Film Screening:

Angélica Cháves Cáceres video piece 'Power ignores that water boils' (4:40 min) screened on site and viewable online 


26 Nov, Live Conversation:

with Schools for the Future (El Salvador), Camilla Bergius (Amnesty Latinamerika, Schools for the Future) and Patricia Wallin (Amnesty Latinamerika, PeaceWorks Stockholm, Schools for the Future).



25 Nov, Documentary: 

We are sorry to say that this film is no longer viewable through this event.

'Konsten att döda en politiker' (2015) Åsa Faringer and Ulf Hultberg. Streamed via Amnesty's fb-page. Spanish with English subtitles. Zoom-talk afterwards 


24 Nov, Documentary:

'Maria in No Man's Land' (2011) by Marcela Zamora Chamorra, 1h 26m, Spanish with English subtitles  


23 Nov, Artist talk /in spanish/:

with participating graphic designer and feminist activist Gogo Ilustra

and Patricia Wallin-Amnesty Latinamerika, Princess Jiminez Beltre-La Dekoloniala!, Rossana Mercado-Rojas-Galleri Majkens 


22 Nov, Performance:

'I invite you to cry, the chant of the soul's liberation/Te invito al canto de liberación del alma' by Sarai Alvarez-Yo La Negra   

(starts -> 34 mins in the clip)

wearing 'Velo Social' head dress by Steph Orozco


21 Nov, Opening night:

Rossana Mercado-Rojas performing: 'Pater Familias' (paint on printed documents) with Princess Jiminez Beltre doing spoken word about the Mirabal sisters


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