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Galleri Majkens is an artist-run gallery producing feminist-themed exhibitions and events on selected locations in Stockholm. The curatorial work involves an intersectional collective of women artists and curators representing fluent- and queer structures in Stockholm's male-dominated cultural scene. 

It is run by:

M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Artist, Art director


          w i t h :

M A J K E N S   A D V I S O R Y   B O A R D

Becko Ellnemar

Artist, Illustrator and Cultural producer      

Rossana Mercado-Rojas

Artist, Curator

Mojgan Hassani

Artist, Ceramicist

Benedetta Crippa

Graphic designer   


Carolina Andreasson


Hanna Pauser Lindgren

Cultural researcher

Galleri Majkens was founded in 2017 by the artist Magdalena Blom. The gallery logo is an interpretation of the unique asymmetrical features of the space we first started at, the neighbouring room to Majkens café at Tegelbruksvägen in Midsommarkransen, south of Stockholm.

With the launch of Midsommarkransen’s new gallery space we also stipulated our manifesto:


“Galleri Majkens focuses on discovering new, exciting contemporary art. By the promising 'up-and-comings' and also more established artists, from both the Nordic- and the International art scene.

We are working from a feminist perspective, making equality our main goal. By taking this stance, we want to be part of art history being written today. Working to create an equal art world where female, and non-binary artists can achieve the same kind of representation as their male colleagues, thus sharing the public space equally.

By giving preference to female, and non-binary artists we want to counteract the current unequal cultural climate. By doing so, the gallery wishes to discover, nurture and create new strong feminist role models for the contemporary art world of today.”

M A J K E N - p l a c e   o f   d e p a r t u r e

After a year in the neighbouring room to Majkens café, the gallery moved out and transformed to be a nomadic gallery space. We chose to keep the name and the logotype as a reminder of our place of departure.

The name Majken originates from the owner of the café, who created an acronym of her family member´s first names, which resulted in M A J K. With that female name we lay the foundation for the gallery’s feminist focus, making the name part of our fight for equal representation in Stockholm’s male dominated gallery scene.


S U B M I S S I O N  &


We accept submission applications at all times, by

artists, art collectives or bookings for cultural happenings wanting to collaborate with us, sharing feminism as a common ground.

>>Submission Guidelines<<


Submit to:  


Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska

Galleri Majkens officially donated a copy of the book sHEROes (which the exhibition 'Women in War' was based on) to the feminist archive of Stockholms new Museum of Women's History.

Kvinna till Kvinna

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation promotes women’s rights in conflict-affected areas. Johanna Arkåsen, gave a seminar on her work for Kvinna till Kvinna in the Kaukasian area, for Galleri Majkens 'Women in War' exhibition, Oct, 2019. 

The Georgian Embassy in Stockholm

The Georgian Embassy via Mariam Orjonikidze funded Galleri Majkens exhibition 'Women in War - Dina Oganova | Salome Benidze' Oct, 2019.


The cultural center of Sickla in Nacka municipality of Stockholm, hosted Galleri Majkens exhibition 'Unreliable Naturalists' in April 2019. 

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO)  

A collaborative organism looking to find and create alternatives, aiming to nurture a new environment. IQECO is guided by queer and feminist theory and decolonial thinking. IQECO participated with their Common Survival box in 'Unreliable Naturalists' in April 2019.

Supermarket Art fair

Supermarket International independent art fair featured Galleri Majkens as an Associate Gallery to Supermarket 2019.

In 2018 they published Galleri Majkens article 'Making Room for Women Artists' in their magazine and also featured Galleri Majkens in their Talks and Performance programme.

Gudrun Schyman

Key public figure for the feminist movement in Sweden and former leader of the Swedish feminist party FI (feministiskt Initiativ). Schyman inaugurated Galleri Majkens exhibition MOTHERS-The Personal is Political, 2017.

Therese Sandin

Swedish comedian, founder of feminist stand-up club Stand Up Yours and on tour with her solo show "TJOCKIS- en superviktig stand up show". Sandin inaugurated Irina Laaja´s solo exhibition [fe]male gaze at Galleri Majkens, 2018. 

Kalle Norwald

Sexologist from Swedish radio and TV giving lectures all over the country about norms, gender and sexualities. Norwald inaugurated Irina Laaja´s solo exhibition [fe]male gaze at Galleri Majkens, 2018. 

Födelsevrålet Swedish nation-wide organisation working to improve the Swedish obstetric care for women. Födelsevrålet inaugurated Galleri Majkens group show MOTHERS-The Personal is Political and participated in the exhibition with a selection of their organisation's birth testimonies.

Johanna Lundgren Application Scientist from Vanadis Diagnostics researching the DNA of mothers.

Lundberg presented her research in the Finissage-talk at MOTHERS-The Personal is Political, 2017.

Brigid Lefevré

Järna-based musician, folk-sing and songwriter who performed during the inauguration ceremony of Rachel J Miller's solo exhibition 'In Our Nature' at Galleri Majkens, 2018.





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