Beth Savage
Mesh, 2017, Paracord, hoop, fox mask, scaffold netting, glass wolf eyes
Reintroduction: The Lynx Migrates, 2013. Performance journey across the Czech-Polish Border at Zdonov.
Adaptive Capacity, 2015. Evolving performance installation, plaster forms cast in the space, various materials.
Watermark, 2016. Waterproof paper, archive images, hydrochromic ink, glass tank, water from river Ouse in York.

B E T H   S A V A G E

Photos: Beth Savage

Beth Savage Works across several mediums including performance and installation. She creates work drawing on and subverting our everyday experiences of the environment and examining social ecologies and human/nature relationships.

Savage's work investigates notions of wildness and draws heavily on her research into conservation and rewilding initiatives in Scotland and across the UK.

"I am particularly interested in human/wildlife conflicts and how our current relationships to the landscape and the creatures we share it with helps or hinders the ecology of our habitats. I am also interested in the boundaries; physical, mental and social, we construct to attempt to separate ourselves from nature and in the in-between; the gaps between these boundaries, the liminal spaces between the conscious and unconscious, nature and culture, human and animal."

(Statement, B. Savage)

Beth Savage will participate with new works in Galleri Majkens exhibition UNRELIABLE NATURALISTS 5-7 April 2019 at Dieselverkstaden. The exhibitition title stems from "The unreliable Naturalist” which is a performative framework for research that Beth Savage unfolds within the process of her PhD at Teesside University England. It takes its form from the literary device of the unreliable narrator; a storyteller who’s credibility is compromised. The unreliable naturalist follows in the footsteps of pioneering amateur naturalists who made substantial contributions to our knowledge of the “natural world" and critically challenges the idea that "an amateur naturalist” may be seen to have little or no credibility, nor authority in the discourse around ecological issues (…) their voices going unheard. The Unreliable Naturalist believes that this discourse is of everyone’s concern and so, by reclaiming amateurism and embracing neophytic imprecision, she hopes to inspire others to shed their inhibitions and join the discussion.




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