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theres a yoke to be carried kajsa

A P R I L L   W I S E   S P E N D R U P

Woman I-II (2016)

olja på duk

MOTHERS- The Personal is Political

2/11-10/12 2017

Aprill Wise Spendrup work mainly with oils but can also branch out into acrylics, gouache and collage. Colour and its vibrant nature are always present in her work and the meeting of different forms and colours are the starting point for new research, new landscapes and new adventures. Spendrup is greatly inspired by nature, her travels, the sea, the wisdom of her two sons, and music.

“Mother, who is she? Just a simple, ordinary woman from all cultures and all times who has the ultimate job to give birth to, cherish, feed and cultivate her children, to make sure that the next generation survives and flourishes.

There is no glamour, very little if non-existent training for this, perhaps the most important of all jobs. She does it unceasingly with the greatest of all love and care, all her life.”

(Statement, A.W Spendrup)


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