Geraldine Juárez

G E R A L D I N E   J U Á R E Z

'Distans', Watercolor on LEF film covered w LEF film, wood poster frames, aluminum wire, 30x30 cm each (diptych), 2019
'Distans', Watercolor on LEF film covered w LEF film, wood poster frames, aluminum wire, 30x30 cm each (diptych), 2019
'The sun is up', gorilla and LCD glaze and commercial colour stains.
Earthenware/screenware, 20 cm diameter, 2018
'Sunscreen', gorilla glaze and commercial yellow stain, stoneware/screenware, 12 cm diameter, 2018
'Magic hour', Gorilla and LCD glaze and commercial colour stains.
Earthenware/screenware, 20cm diameter, 2018
'Prospekt', VR-essay and performance, Botaniska, Göteborg
Supported by Göteborg Stad

Geraldine Juárez is a Mexican-Swedish artist using time-based media, sculpture and performance to consider the materials, histories, technics and economics shaping the dominant narratives and contexts in contemporary media culture.

Juárez participated in Galleri Majkens exhibition Unreliable Naturalists 2019 with 'Distans' - a diptych using watercolour as medium and proxy to question the way in which art is documented today and highlight some related historical aspects. During the 17th and 18th century, watercolour was used to capture objects, specimens and landscapes to aid the encyclopaedic

organisation of the world, fixing them out of time and out of place – in the same way that today, digital documents offer imagings of the world at a distance via screens. Women who used watercolour to capture details evinced in botanical drawings, often participated in explorations and excursions but afterwards rarely got mentioned in the documentation, therefore excluded from history.

The only thing that consistently remained was the general impression, the prospect view, i.e landscapes painted by men.

By using LCD film waste as canvas and shield, 'Distans’ tries to escape the impulse for documentation.  The work is legible in the presence of it, the watercolour reveals as you move, always at a distance.

Geraldine Juárez recent exhibitions include The Exhibition Library with Monoskop, Seoul Media City Biennale (2018) 100 Years of Copyright, Haus der Kulturen der Welt and For the Record, ifa galerie, Berlin (2018);  The Dutch Savannah, De Domjnen, Sittard (2018); University of Disaster, Bosnia Herzegovina Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale; and Situations/Placeholder, Fotomuseum, Winterthur (2017). Performance work include Colour Set with the Skogen Koloristerna (2018), Prospekt at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden; Colour Set, Skogen, Gothenburg (2018) and Hello Bitcoin at Transmediale Afterglow, Berlin (2014).

Geraldine Juárez book 'Flux until Sunrise' was published by Rojal in 2018. Her essays have been published in Continent, Scapegoat: Journal for Architecture, Landscape and Political Economy and ‘Reverse Hallucinations from the Archipelago’ from the Intercalations series of K.Verlag.

Geraldine holds an MFA in Fine Art from Valand Academy and studied ceramics in HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden where she lives and works.




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