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theres a yoke to be carried kajsa

T H E  I N S T I T U T E  O F

Q U E E R  E C O L O G Y  (I Q E C O)

Common Survival Box at Gas Dot gallery

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) is a collaborative organism looking to find and create alternatives. They aim to nurture a new environmental paradigm based on the concepts of interconnectivity and inseparability. The solutions to environmental degradation are found on the periphery and IQECO seek to bring them to the forefront of public consciousness. Guided by queer and feminist theory and decolonial thinking, they work to undo dangerously destructive human-centric hierarchies—or even flip them—to look at the critical importance of things happening invisibly; underground and out of sight.

IQECO seek to democratize the production and reception of artistic research so that marginalized voices are given the space to tell their own stories, and audiences that have been historically excluded from institutions are invited into this one. They pass as an Institute as a means of infiltration: mimicking the academic model to support subversive ideas.

"Our mission is to create an expanded understanding of Queer Community that includes nonhuman kin and prioritizes anyone subjugated, regardless of race, class, nationality, ability, income level, sexuality, gender or species. Our programming is interdisciplinary and revolves around migratory exhibitions, workshops + lectures and publications (online and IRL).

Join in reinvigorating the search for utopia.

Help establish an eden for all the snakes and sinners!"

(Statement, IQECO)


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