Magdalena Blom

M A G D A L E N A   B L O M

Series of drawings, pen and water colours on paper, 2020, studio picture
The Procedure
The Procedure
mural, Min Kropp Mitt Val, Mi Cuerpa Mi Decision at Detroit Stockholm
Pre / Post (2016) Charcoal and collage on paper
A Child (2016) Still, video piece
A Child (2016) Still, video piece
Opening ceremony of MOTHERS - The Personal is Political, 2017 with Gudrun Schyman

Magdalena Blom Participated in Domestic Systemic Pandemic with a series of drawings. 'Domesticated' was exhibited in Detroit Stockholm's gallery window 24 Nov, 2020 

'Domesticated' is a series of drawings confusing hierarchies between - human and animal  / dominance and obedience / tame and wild / abuser and abused. The main character in the imagery alters between being a woman and being a dog, either doing household choirs or obedience training.

Holding on in vulnerable situations, dreaming of one day biting back. How do you make a dog obey?

Sit! Lay down! Stop! Speak! Quiet! Stay!

In reference to 25th of November-The International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women- the work also highlights the family pet's precarious position when domestic abuse occurs in the home. Either the animal gets abused, or it is another reason for the woman not to leave, since many women's shelters do not accept pets. Luckily, there are organisations in Sweden providing temporary shelters which makes it easier for women to leave and move to protected residence. Here's one of them:

VOOV-Veterinär Omtanke Om Våldsutsatta

Magdalena Blom (b. 1987) is a visual artist, graphic designer, curator and founder of Galleri Majkens, based in Stockholm.

Her practice explores cross-ecological and feminist concepts, emphasising on gender-related issues and power structures. Magdalena´s work is based on her own personal experiences, often layered with humour. 

She uses various media, such as drawing, paint, video, also wood, textiles, sculpture, and graphic design. In the studio Magdalena intuitevely assembles the art works out of found material, derived straight from nature, her own garden, body or kitchen. Some of the imagery or constructed objects becomes a part of a larger narrative in Blom's video work.  

Magdalena previously participated with ‘The Procedure’, a mural for ‘Min Kropp, Mitt Val / Mi Cuerpa, Mi Decisión’ exhibition at Detroit Stockholm okt, 2020.

Earlier this year Magdalena Blom and Rossana Mercado-Rojas represented Galleri Majkens at the SuperLocal 2020 event, where they took part in the live segment of ARTIST-RUN PANEL. This segment was a discussion with representatives from other local galleries about the past, present and future of the artist-run scene in Stockholm.

Magdalena graduated 2014 with a Bachelor hons. degree in Fine Art, at the National College of Art and Design, in Dublin, Ireland. She has exhibited her work both in Sweden and internationally, including Ireland, England, Iceland and Spain. Blom is a featured artist at DIEP - Digital Institute for Early Parenthood (UK) and at the art organisation Järna Konstnärsförening in Södertälje. 






-Konstnärer mot patriarkalt våld

DETROIT GALLERY  | 21-28 Nov 2020


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