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theres a yoke to be carried kajsa

E L I N  M A G N U S S O N

Wip, 2019, sculpture, wood
Bird’s nest, 2016, sculpture, birch twigs, honeysuckle, flax, steel wire, photos: Elin Magnusson
Wip, 2019, sculpture, wood

Elin Magnusson - Born 1982 in Norrköping, Sweden with a Fine Art-degree from Konstfack University. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Elin Magnusson is a conceptual video and performance artist and film director. Her work moves in the borderlands where culture clashes into nature and norms are questioned. Feminism, sexuality, body and space are recurring topics in her work.

Her work has been presented among others at: The New Museum in New York, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Museum De Domijnen in Sittard, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA), The Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemprary Art, Kalmar konstmuseum, Värmlands museum, Arbetets museum in Norrköping, Ebelingmuseet in Torshälla, Kunsthalle Rostock, Kristianstads konsthall, Linköpings konsthall, Södertälje konsthall, Haninge konsthall, Nau Gallery in Stockholm and Galleri Verkligheten in Umeå.

Elin magnusson will participate with new work at Galleri Majkens show UNRELIABLE NATURALISTS* 5-7 April 2019 at Dieselverkstaden.

"My work moves from animal paths to the innercity's social codes and set values. In the gap between these two worlds there is clarity and room for acceptance of dislocations and questioning. I work interdisciplinary where chafing patriarchal norms meet my own personal experience."

 (statement, E. Magnusson)


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