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V E R N I S S A G E : I N A U G U R A T I O N B Y   T H E R E S E  S A N D I N  &  K A L L E  N O R W A L D    


Comedian Therese Sandin. Photo: Ulrika Campbell
Sexologist Kalle Norwald

On Saturday June 2nd Irina Laaja´s solo show [fe]male gaze was inaugurated by sexologist Kalle Norwald and comedian Therese Sandin. Speech at 6 pm!

Kalle Norwald is a social worker with an education in psycho-therapy and authorised specialist in sexual aid   (NACS). He gives lectures in radio, TV and across Sweden about sexualities, gender-related values, and much more from sexology as a topic. During the inauguration, Kalle Norwalk will discuss sexology in the art world and how different bodies are observed and portrayed through art.


Therese Sandin is the midwife that switched over to comedy. Since she started standup her career has flourished. She was the warm-up act for Swedish comedian Johan Glans on his latest tour. She partook in the Swedish comedy TV-program: "Släng dig i brunnen". She participates in and runs the feminist standup-club "Stand Up Yours" and does her first solo-show: "Tjockis - en superviktig standupshow" which is about how it is to be overweight in a society which expects women to want a slim body. 


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