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We are participating in Supermarket Independent Art Fair´s magazine with the article 'Making Room for Women Artists'.

Find us also on their Talk-stage in a conversation with Canadian artist Erica Mendritzki about her lecture 'Let Me Talk to you Man to Man' in which

"...she looks back on the patriarchal history of art, emphasising examples of female artistic practices of the 20th century. The talk will be followed by a conversation with artist and gallerist Magdalena Blom on feminist strategies and movements in Canada and Sweden." 

(info-text, Talks and Performances programme, Supermarket 2018)

At 3 pm on Saturday during the art fair in Stockholm 12-15 April 2018.






W O M E N  I N  W A R

Dina Oganova | Salome Benidze

GALLERI KORN | 5-10 Oktober 2019

Vernissage: lör 5/10 kl 16-20

Öppet: sön 12-16, mån-tors 16-20 

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