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theres a yoke to be carried kajsa


G R A V E L   I N S T A L L A T I O N   B Y  P A U L I N A  S I M O N               

During the winter off-season when the gallery and café were closed, we opened up the empty gallery space for a one day photo-shoot with photographer and artist Paulina Simon. She meticulously installed a self-portrait which consisted of hand painted gravel in nail polish (approx. 1 x 2 M).

Paulina Simon wanted to extend her feminist work Magna Mater which was previously shown in Mothers – The Personal is Political. Magna Mater is a c-print photograph depicting a woman's hand exploring a piece of black rock through a spheric lense. The title translates to The Great Mother and the rock symbolizes the greek-roman godess Kybele who was believed to be a mediator of worlds and conflicts. The photograph is the result of a collision between the scientific and the occult, between logic and intuition.

The gravel portrait might be that of a female explorer, or simply a female artist claiming gallery space, thus questioning a male-dominated area.     


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