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M O T H E R S - the personal is political

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We are hosting this exciting talk to mark the last day of both exhibition and the end of the gallery´s first season. By doing so we hope to both deepen and extend the

exhibition´s personal and feministic celebration of motherhood.

The speakers of the evening are three participating artists from the exhibition Morgan Hassani, Paulina Simon and Becko Ellnemar, and two special guests Rossana Mercado Rojas and Johanna Lundgren. First one is from the international art scene and the latter comes from the science sector, with motherhood and feminism as common ground.

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W O M E N  I N  W A R

Dina Oganova | Salome Benidze

GALLERI KORN | 5-10 Oktober 2019

Vernissage: lör 5/10 kl 16-20

Öppet: sön 12-16, mån-tors 16-20 

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