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Postcard A5, from Blåeld by Soffia Sigurdardóttir
Skunk, postcard A5-size, Rachel J Miller
Artist print,50x70 cm, Rachel J Miller
Artist Print, 50x70 cm, Rachel J Miller
Computer-generated drawings I-II, 20x30, Erik Rosman
Framed artist prints, 20x30 cm, Becko Ellnemar
Framed artist prints, 20x30 cm, Becko Ellnemar
Framed artist prints, 20x30 cm, Becko Ellnemar
Postcard, A5-size, Erik Rosman
Postcard, A5-size, Becko Ellnemar
Postcard, A5-size, Rachel J Miller
Postcard, A5-size, Marta Forsberg
Postcard, A5-size, Magdalena Blom
Postcard, A5-size, Sandra Sundström
Postcard, A5-size, Irina Laaja
Postcard, A5-size, Evelin Tamm
Postcard, A5-size, Carola Björk
Postcard, A5-size, Irina Laaja
Postcard, A5-size or as artist print 50x60 cm
Irina Laaja

With this CLOSING ART SALE it is now official that after 12th of August we are

relocating - moving out - jumping ship - leaving Majkens and Midsommarkransen to reshape our business and appeare as a pop-up gallery in various places in Stockholm, starting this fall.


This past year has been an incredible adventure of starting up Galleri Majkens – a feminist gallery in the heart of Midsommarkransen south of Stockholm. So far we have curated six exhibitions – 4 solo and 2 group ones with interesting artist talks, life drawing, inaugurations and much more.

But the best part of the journey has been the artists we have collaborated with, represented and showcased. Without you – No gallery. And of course all the visitors, friends and family who have given us a great deal of support already, so thank you!

Now 9-12th of August we are selling off our beautiful merchandise we have produced for these past exhibitions.


Framed and unframed postcards and artist prints, but also a selection of drawings by Irina Laaja from our most recent exhibition [fe]male gaze.

So, take the chance to see this incredible and asymmetrical space one last time, eat some ice cream and buy a print or two to support this feminist gallery before we reshape and relocate!




W O M E N  I N  W A R

Dina Oganova | Salome Benidze

GALLERI KORN | 5-10 Oktober 2019

Vernissage: lör 5/10 kl 16-20

Öppet: sön 12-16, mån-tors 16-20 

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