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theres a yoke to be carried kajsa


F I N I S S A G E : L O T T E R Y • F I K A

• M E E T   T H E   A R T I S T    


We will celebrate the last day of Rachel J Miller´s solo exhibition In Our Nature with a Finissage-fika with the artist! And for this special occasion we have arranged a

L O T T E R Y of one of the framed fine art prints, namely the fox!

'Hiding in the Bright' -signed by the artist on matte fine art paper 50x70 cm (with the passepartout and white frame: 70x100 cm)

You participate in the lottery by using

swish*  50 SEK  to  0 7 3 9 8 5 8 5 1 3

(make sure to name your transfer with 'fox' and 'your name')

50 SEK gives you the opportunity to win and take this sly fox home on the same day! Or at the very least support a future for women in the arts (since we are an independent artist-run feminist gallery supporting other independent female artists)

The winner will be announced at 15.30 and after that a number of consolation prices will be handed out.

Most welcome to all!

*It is already possible to participate in advance using swish, however, make sure to be present (or send someone in your place) on the Finissage day, in case it is your name we pick from the hat.

If you don't have Swish, ask a friend who has it or bring cash!

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